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About Bo Parfet Life History and Achievements

Bo Parfet is a renowned philanthropist, economist, and author born in South Michigan’s Kalamazoo city. Currently, he’s the DLP Real Estate’s Managing Director, a post he assumed in August 2020. Bo has also led other notable organizations in the United States. For instance, he and his wife co-founded the Denali Venture Philanthropy in 2010 and then became its chief administrator. Denali Venture is an organization offering financial support to entrepreneurs who are working to build society.

Parfet pursued his first Bachelor’s degree at the Colorado State University, where he studied Arts in Economics. Bo also holds a Master of Arts in economics degree from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, North Western University of Chicago. After graduating from the University, he started his early career as a Financial Accounting Standards Board research officer.

In 2003, Bo Parfet worked on Wall Street for J.P. Morgan as an investment banker. In the same year, he started his adventure journey, which would see him climbing all the summits on every continent. By 2007, Bo had accomplished his biggest dream and finalized the trip to Mount Everest. Also, Parfet had some passion for writing, and he managed to publish at least two books. What drove him into writing was his desire to enlighten and change the community.

Besides writing books, Bo has participated in various Leadership and financial conferences in different parts of the world. At these events, he delivered speeches that educated the public on a variety of crucial social issues. Since the beginning of his career, Parfet has recorded tremendous success as a dedicated social entrepreneur. Through his organization, Denali Venture Philanthropy, Bo has helped many upcoming entrepreneurs accomplish their investment dreams by providing the initial capital.

Parfet’s primary goal has been to create social change in the community. This has seen him win lots of awards and push his international recognition to the next level. Today, he is an iconic leader and will remain such even in years to come.