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Beachbody, a Path to Fitness

ShakeologyMany people recognize that they need to lose weight for health reasons. Others want to lose weight in order to feel better about themselves. However, finding the right types of exercise and switching to a nutritious diet can be challenging and inconvenient. Carl Daikeler, an American entrepreneur and fitness buff, has a mission to make healthy living as convenient as possible.

After working in the production industry for the NFL and infomercials, he became an entrepreneur. He and Darin Olien founded Beachbody in 1998. The idea came from all of the fitness products that Daikeler helped sell in infomercials. His observations included the fact that people wanted to lose weight and were willing to invest resources in the process, but the process needed to be more convenient. Daikeler designed Beachbody to be a program a person could do at home on their own schedule. With no need to drive to the gym, pay high membership fees and deal with the embarrassment of changing in front of others in a locker room, Beachbody proved to be a huge success.

What started as a dozen workouts turned into hundreds within a period of 10 years. In 2015, the streaming service drew in millions of subscribers to the program. An app, OpenFit, added even more options for at-home exercise as well as exercise while traveling. People could get the social support, encouragement and feedback they needed to stay motivated. These programs soared in popularity during the global health crisis of 2020.


Carl Daikeler has always recognized the role that nutrition plays in a person’s weight and overall wellness. The Shakeology nutrition plan launched quietly in 2009, and it has steadily grown over the years. Shakeology is a protein mix that consumers add to plant or dairy milk. Its high protein, fiber and vitamin content fills nutritional gaps and creates a sense of satiety in the belly.

Shakeology’s flavors also satisfy strong sweet tooth cravings. When a person feels full and has had their sweet tooth satisfied, they’re less likely to overeat or eat junk. Shakeology and Beachbody combine for a path to fitness.