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 Breaking Down the Truth about QNET, an MLM Company

QNET has been greatly referred to as a scam on social media, and the first thoughts could be dismissive of the company. There is also another fallacy about getting rich, where some believe this is only for the leading individuals. One might be aware of certain worldwide incidents that shed some negative light on a company. QNET is a unique company that specializes in e-commerce and has global clients and distributors.

A majority of QNET’s IRs are found in the upcoming markets, more so in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. QNET avails the direct selling chances to nations with minimal exposure to this unique sales model. The company is suitable for starting entrepreneurs intending to kick start their investment journey by offering the respective resources.

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Some people think that QNET is the most recent Ponzi scheme, but the latter garners some resources from new business people and awards the exposed ones. This is not what QNET is all about because QNET offers potential benefits to all the involved customers. Comparing QNET to a Ponzi Scheme is an unfair evaluation of this e-commerce ventured based in Hong Kong. QNET is not based on an investor replica, rather operates as a direct selling venture.

Money is made through selling the available products, and the seller is not at any risk because they do not buy the inventory. All they do is refer prospective clients to buy online using the portal or the reference ID to ensure that the sales belong to them.

QNET renders an indirect office ingress into distributors to assist them to supervise the sales performances and that of the team. Ponzi schemes do not resemble direct selling or MLM ventures in any way, and no scam allegations should be associated with QNET because it conducts clean business. Therefore QNET is neither a Ponzi nor a pyramid scheme.

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