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Ross Levinsohn Promotes Success

Ross Levinsohn is an adept CEO who is always looking to the future and what changes in public behavior mean for long-standing companies, products and services. He graduated from American University in 1985 as a broadcast communications major. Entrepreneurship has always been important to him, and his first role upon graduating involved a four-year period […]

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Eduardo Sonoda Makes a Remarkable Contribution to The Marketing Advisory World Though His Expertise Advises

Eduardo Sonoda is one person who has over the years continued to gain global recognition due to his immense contributions to the marketing industry. Eduardo who hails from Hackney in London attended the University of East London where he earned a degree in business management. Sonoda sharpened his marketing skills during his schooling tenure at […]

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The Recommendations of Dave Antrobus on Handling Remote Teams

Dave Antrobus is the current director of technology of Fresh Thinking Group, a company which he co-founded. In his role, he handles various technology languages and frameworks, including website developments and managing information systems. With his co-founder, Dave has led the Fresh Thinking Group in their acquisitions of start-up companies, helping them to establish better […]