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Yuri Milner and the Breakthrough Challenge Help Inspire the Scientists of Tomorrow

The Breakthrough Junior Challenge is where students worldwide compete to help inspire creative scientific thinking. Students aged 13-18 submit original videos about a concept or theory in mathematics, life science, or physics. Judges rate the submissions based on the effective communication of complex scientific ideas in imaginative, engaging, and illuminating ways. The Breakthrough Prize Foundation […]

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 Justin Halladay

Justin Halladay is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland. He is a keen photographer and has even won a few prestigious contests with his work. Justin grew up in New York City and loved traveling between different cities to find new places, sounds, and people. Justin is currently living in Australia and planning […]

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 Meet Hassan Jameel, ALJ’s Vice Chairman and Deputy President

Hassan Jameel is the current Vice Chairman and Deputy President of ALJ (Abdul Latif Jameel). ALJ is a prominent Saudi Arabia-based business operating for more than 75 years. Currently, the firm has expanded its operations across 30 countries. Hassan Jameel has worked to transform the company’s operations through digitization and data strategies, thus boosting its […]

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 Hassan Jameel: Reinventing a 75-Year-Old Startup with Digitization Strategies

Hassan Jameel is the Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel, a company his grandfather founded over 75 years ago. Abdul Latif Jameel is a diversified conglomerate with interests in a number of businesses, including real estate, renewable energy, automotive, logistics, and more. Hassan Jameel has played an instrumental role in the growth […]

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How Bhanu Choudhrie is Gaining Competitive Edge by Investing in Startup Organizations

In today’s business world, it’s all about gaining a competitive edge. And one way that savvy entrepreneurs are doing this is by investing in startup organizations. Bhanu Choudhrie is one such entrepreneur. Choudhrie is the Managing Director of C&C Alpha Group, an investment holding company interested in various sectors, including healthcare, aviation, hospitality, and real […]

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 Mahmoud Khattab Recap

For three decades, Mahmoud Khattab, CEO of Precision M.D. in California, has been a respected medical community member. Mahmoud Khattab, a Syrian, graduated from Syria’s top-ranked medical school, the University of Damascus, in 1993. After coming to the United States, Khattab finished his medical residency at Case Western Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. Case Western Hospital […]

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 How Brandon Taubman, Data Scientist at Stablewood Properties, Uses Data to Drive Success

Brandon Taubman has been instrumental in shaping Stablewood’s innovation strategy, utilizing data science to manage properties and evaluate acquisitions for our clients. Specifically, we have created a “Prism” platform that combines a customized big data analytics engine with proprietary white-label cloud-based applications for each of our platforms. This allows us to analyze data in real-time […]