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Haroldo Jacobovicz Technology daytrippers 

Horizons Telecom CEO Haroldo Jacobovicz Shares His Advice for Future Entrepreneurs

Haroldo Jacobovicz is the CEO and initiator of Horizons Telecom, a global telecommunications firm with a presence in five countries across three continents. Haroldo is passionate about helping businesses grow through the strategic use of technology and has developed a reputation for designing and implementing solutions that produce tangible results. As an international firm with […]

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Blockchain Singularity Remains on the Agenda at DFINITY USA

The top priority in DFINITY USA’s agenda for the last five years has been to secure blockchain singularity, and the organization’s crew has specifically advanced this objective through the development of the Internet Computer. The organization is comprised of programmers, computer scientists, engineers and others who believe in the promise established by blockchain. This promise […]

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Shopatainment and the Future of Advertising

DroppTv is a company that’s focused on cornering the market for shopatainment. The CEO, a guy named Rai, is working on blending advertising in the video under the same banner. Rai noticed that when he wanted to buy a jacket that he saw in a Drake video, that not only was the jacket not available […]

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ClearObject: A Premier IoT Service

ClearObject is one of the world’s foremost IoT (internet of things) solutions integration services. A Premier Google partner, they have been a leader in the data analytics, cloud migration, and IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management service for over ten years. This specialization allows them to perform high-quality services to corporations both large and small. Smaller companies […]