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DFINITY USA Challenges Cloud Computing With Its Public Blockchain

DFINITYDFINITY USA has a mission to expand its blockchain network’s development and make it a common fixture in the digital world. To accomplish this mission, it plans to continue collecting funds and planning development tasks. It is also strategizing and finding ways to take on the market of cloud computing, reducing reliance on server farms that are centralized.

In 2018, the entity raised over $100 million to develop its project, which was worth much more. With the funds, the team managed to turn DFINITY USA into a reality and created a blockchain network it called the Internet Computer. It was the first public blockchain with the ability to provide scalable smart contracts with vast capacity. What makes that capacity useful to companies or individuals who use it is that any volume of data can be quickly processed and easily maintained. The block chain’s abilities are comparable to smart software in efficiency. Since the blockchain does not incur extra costs because of that efficiency, it is useful to a variety of entities, especially those that require cost stability and predictability. Without the help of intermediary facilitators, the blockchain can deliver content to users and allows them to complete all necessary tasks within the blockchain.

Dfinity FoundationIn its strategic planning, DFINITY USA is considering all the future aspects of digital evolution that could affect the Internet Computer. The blockchain is governed by an algorithm and is self-directed. Its platform has already exceled in testing. After the team created a social network that reflected the style and purpose of one of the top professional social networking sites, it grew quickly. Although it was not owned by a corporate entity, the team realized the vast potential of the Internet Computer’s applicable uses after that project. It proved that the Internet Computer has grown into much more than just a blockchain. To ensure distributed ownership, DFINITY distributes governance tokens as well, keeping its goal to remain a public blockchain. The team hopes to inspire more developers to contribute their talents and develop tamper-proof features as it looks to expand.