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Digitizing Conventional Academic Layouts Worldwide through Class Dojo

ClassDojo’s co-founder, Liam Don, explained that they needed a response from test groups before implementing changes within their system. ClassDojo is currently incorporated in the significant majority of US schools. When testing Student Stories on children, they realized on video how happy they were to share with their parents. This reaction was among its first signs of prosperity.

When they tested teachers, they noted they were very excited to adopt this student-centric approach. In San Francisco, Galen is a second-grader who expressed himself, stating that he was excited for the additional feature and its abilities. He said that he was happy to form his story to add photos and videos to show his parents. He believed it would help spark more conversation at home with his folk.

Clarissa Miles was also grateful for the outcomes of the creativity of the corporation experts. She stated that she felt connected to her fifth-grade daughter, Caroline, especially in education. Living in Tennessee, Clarissa Miles noted that the developers’ story section was crucial in deepening her conversations with her daughter. Clarissa also believes that her connection with her daughter’s teacher developed through the extras featured within ClassDojo.

Miles currently feels she is working together with her teacher and the teacher to achieve the desired outcome. Roy Waldron School’s Stephanie Smith stated that they expect parents to accept increasing student’s classwork with time. She said that she was yet to meet parents against being more involved in the created process.

Instead, she noted that they were appreciative because of the increased communication of parents, students, and teachers. Now able to see their kid’s progress, they even understand their behavior.

About Class Dojo

Through ClassDojo, students will express themselves through videos and pictures across all disciplines, including science and languages. Digitizing the movement has assisted in numerous ways, including making parents aware of their children’s academic development. ClassDojo’s: Twitter.