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Edgard Corona’s Commitment to Establishing the Largest Gym Networks in Latin America

As high temperatures set in the city, clubs, and gyms get a compressed enrollment because the summer season is setting in. People go to the gyms to search for lean bodies for showing off at the beaches and pools. Many people consult Edgard Corona, the founder of Grupo Bio Ritmo.

Edgard Corona founded the venture in 1996 in Santa Amaro going with a similar name, and currently, the city has 21 units. Smart Fit was an alternative project version that was founded 13 years later, which turned out to be a great victory whereby the monthly fees were 59.90 reais.

In the beginning, no one believed in its capacity to compete favorably with the other gyms that were already charging less. If the gym could become successful, it could only draw Bio Ritmo’s audience, and Edgard Corona said that there was no problem with his business eating into the first one.

+ Book “The End of Diets” is a unique formula that intends to help people lose weight satisfactorily. It emulated Planet Fitness, a Newington company based in New Hampshire that has more than 1,000 units countrywide.

Edgard Corona could be merited for banking on the idea and making the project viable. Its journey to the fitness market brim, it broke severally, interfered with competitors, and rivaled physical education associations, unions, and teachers who have suffered space deficiency.

Smart Fit has some experts who wander around guiding learners whose position was taken over by TV monitors. The devices render tips and tutorials on how to exercise, and the measures helped to save a lot of money and facilitate lean operation.

Edgard Corona is quite adventurous according to Paulo Akiau, the Tribes’ founder. The company organizes fitness classes. In Brazil, Smart Fit has over 265 units becoming the largest gym network in entire Latin America.