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Entrepreneur Consultant Luke Lazarus Replicates Success for Clients

Luke Lazarus is an entrepreneur consultant who has been helping companies grow for over ten years.

He recently helped a company in the UK, called Build to Rent, increase revenue by sixty percent.

In this article, he talks about how to replicate his success with your business!

Build to Rent is a business that manages property for people interested in living in the city without dealing with landlords.

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Most of their properties are luxury apartments for young professionals and students, which they rent out at prices around $800-$1200 per month.

Customers like these services because it gives them instant access to the amenities of a luxury apartment without the headache of dealing with a landlord.

Lazarus first noticed Build to Rent because they were ranked first on Google for “Build-to-Rent London”.

He wanted to learn how they did it.

The London branch was doing very well, but their Manchester office was not performing as well.

Lazarus used his extensive experience in SEO, digital marketing, and online advertising to help increase their web traffic by sixty percent.

As a result of Lazarus’ advice, Build to Rent was able to see revenue increases from an average of $1.2 million per month to $1.8 million per month.

This is an impressive sixty percent increase that helped the company grow revenue even more!

Lazarus first analyzed Build to Rent’s website to see any issues with SEO, Google Adwords, or web traffic.

Lazarus noticed several vital issues that were ruining the company’s web performance:

They were not using ad extensions on their Google Adwords ads, which would make their ads stand out more and be clickable for longer.

They were not using dynamic keywords to adjust the targeted keywords depending on who was searching for them.

Their ad copy was not compelling enough to get people to click their ads.

Lazarus used his SEO experience to help Build to Rent fix these issues.

He was able to get them an additional $1 million in revenue on Google Adwords alone.

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