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Gary McGaghey on his Success

Gary was always eager to prove his worth when he was a kid but is that how he was able to get to the top of his field? Well, he does not believe he is in a position to say one way or the other. He came of age in the mid ’70s & this is when he first found his affinity for finance. This is what inspired him to get straight a’s & finish at the top of his class in the spring of 86. Once he turned the page on that chapter of his life, he was ready to embrace the life of a college man. This is when he had a lot of support to help him find a good job when he was done with all his courses. He did not know what to expect from the other side but was confident he would do well. As he got to the end of his sophomore year he knew he had to declare a major & so in the end, he chose finance. By the time he had gotten to the end of his junior year, he had already racked up enough credits to graduate early. As such, he opted to leave after just 3 years so he could start his career a bit earlier than expected. He was not sure if he could handle it at first but he has now been doing well for more than two decades. He had a lot of roles over the years but one of his most prominent was when he worked at Tag. They were not doing too well when he first got there but he helped them turn things around & get them back on track. He now resides in the capital of England with his wife & kids.