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Hauser Insurance Modifies Terms and Conditions on Policies

In recent times, a considerable change has been noted in insurance pricing. Currently, additional action has been implemented on rates with a fifteen to one hundred percent increase based on the risk. Other factors affecting these rates include the staffing effect from the pandemic and the financial state of the insured. Insurers such as Hauser Insurance have tightened the conditions and terms of their coverage.

They have adjusted their deductible as well as exclusionary language. Hauser Insurance is actively handling capacity with less than $5 million in EPLI or D&O coverage. Insurers have lowered back limits on the $5 million and $10 million programs. Even with these aggressive steps, insurers have constantly maintained their renewal activity. They now cite more than 95% in insured retention.

It highlights the loss of interest from many insurers in embracing new business. As a result, there has been a drawback from the insurers’ side as they are unable to encourage meaningful competition. Most insurers have toned down underwriting new business after an assessment of their growth goals. It is clear that most of them are now focused on insulating themselves and retrenching from the devastating claims. Insurers are also interested in the existing books of business.

When it comes to the Directors & Officers (D&O) liability, Hauser Insurance offers coverage for officers and directors of a firm. The coverage includes the business itself as well as suits brought by a third party. These claims could include an act, error, omission, misstatement, breach of duty, and neglect.

Background Information

It is a difficult time for officers and directors, especially as they manage several new risks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Heightened financial difficulty on enterprises is drawing risk for Directors & Officers claims to emerge from insolvency, creditors, and third parties. Officers and directors have made difficult choices regarding cost reduction. Some of the steps they have adopted include a reduction in furloughs along with force.

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