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How Did Randal Nardone End Up in Fortress Group’s Management Team?

Randal Nardone first graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut. He would then proceed to Boston University’s School of law where he earned a master’s in jurisprudence Degree. This booked him his first career as Thatcher Proffit & Wood where he quickly rose the ranks to become a partner. Ordinarily, you would expect Nardone to remain in the confines of litigation, probably start his own law firm. But his interest in financial management would open more doors for him.

Venturing into finance and investment

While still engaged as a lawyer, Randal sought to amass himself with as much knowledge about the finance and investment as he could. His law experience and financial self-taught financial management skills soon landed him a position with BlackRock Financial Management where he honed his investment and leadership skills. He would, however, eave soon after he was named partner by the financier to serve as the managing director for UBS bank.

Founding Fortress investment

Confident of his market research and investment skills, Randal Nardone met with his Friend Wes Edens, from his days at BlackRock, and they decided to start an investment company. In 1998, they founded Fortress Registered Investment Trust where he immediately assumed a principal’s position. As equally experienced and dedicated alternative investment industry professionals joined the team, the company expanded operations, becoming Fortress investment group.

Randal Nardone’s role at Fortress group

Randal was part of Fortress investment group as it morphed into one of the most successful hedge funds of the 21st century. During this time, he would play different distinct roles at various stages of the company’s growth. In addition to overseeing the operations and success of the investor’s credit division, Randal Nardone has also filled the roles of a secretary to the management committee and Vice President as well as his current position as Chief executive officer to the company.

Leading Fortress Subsidiaries

Among the Fortress subsidiaries and subsets that Randal Nardone currently heads include Springleaf Financial Holdings as chairman and president as well as Newcastle Investment Holdings where he holds the Secretary and Vice Presidents positions. The 52-year-old recently featured on the Forbes list of Billionaires, ranked position 557 in 2017.