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How the Inc & Co CEO, Jack Mason, Has Assisted Businesses Across The UK

Jack MasonJack Mason is an American entrepreneur, business investor, and the founder and CEO of Inc & Co, a Manchester-based company established in 2019. The Inc & Co is a company that aims to bring businesses together across all sectors, including retail, beverage, logistics, property, food, and digital sectors. The Inc & Co Group, located in Manchester in the UK, has over 750 staff members headed by Jack Mason. He recently announced

expanding the company’s portfolio by working with other companies such as Laundrapp.

Jack Mason, Inc & Co CEO, has connected with other businesses, particularly businesses in digital and software sectors such as Neon, a digital marketing company, Brass, Chu, a software development company, Skylab, a digital innovation agency and the current laundry award-winning company, Laundrapp with the primary objective of improving their marketing services, finance, business development, and their HR management services.

Jack Mason recently started a project called Incspaces, an Inc & Co company extension. Incspaces offers office service spaces in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, and Liverpool. In addition, Incspaces provides office spaces and break-out room spaces, meeting room spaces, and several others. The spaces provided by Incspaces enable businesses and entrepreneurs to grow in a city environment with available transport links.

Inc & Co’s recent acquisition includes the Laundrapp Company, one of the biggest laundry service companies within the UK. The Laundrapp Company offers services such as simple ironing and washing, tumbling and folding, and dry-cleaning services. With the increasing demand for maintaining cleanliness, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Laundrapp has expanded to various cities and towns, including South Manchester, Cheshire, and Stockport, to help meet its increasing demand.

Jack Mason

Jack Mason, Inc & Co CEO, started his passion for entrepreneurship while still in school by selling sweets for profit. He stated that he could buy sweets in large portions at a lower price and sell them at a much higher price to his colleagues at school. Jack Mason has also worked in several digital companies over the past few years. With his experience in the digital marketing industry, Jack has helped new and existing small start-up businesses reach their unlimited potential.