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Isidora Quiroga’s International Investing Successes

Isidoro Quiroga is a Chilean businessman and investor. He is founder and works out of his family company, Asesorías e Inversiones Benjamín S.A. He is known for his successful global ventures. Although getting his start in food production, he now invests in Chile, neighboring Argentina, and internationally. After graduating from the University of Chile in 1974, Isidoro Quiroga dove straight into the business world. He began by working in the production and export of the culinary herb oregano. He then achieved commercial success with the kiwi fruit, which was relatively unknown in Chile at the time. Once he achieved his first major financial success, he began to diversify his income by investing in a variety of sectors.

Isidoro Quiroga recently sold California-based home energy company Enphase Energy for $819 million. Quiroga made a profit of $735 million from his 2018 purchase. This was just the most recent of his string of successful investments. With his successful sale of several successful companies, Quiroga is able to invest in many sectors outside of food production. He has invested in the Chilean stock market, Chilean real estate projects, and Chilean mining companies. Outside of Chile, Quiroga has investments in Argentinian food products such as olive oil and wine. He also owns Australia-based mining company Junior Investment Company,

In 2003, Quiroga bought Australis Seafoods. He then transitioned Australis Seafoods into a salmon-exporting company. Throughout his ownership of the company, Quiroga responded quickly to changes in the market. In 2018, a salmon virus caused many Chilean and Canadian producers in the salmon business to nearly go bankrupt. However, Quiroga’s nimble response enabled the company to develop a method of production that not only enabled the company to survive but thrive during the crisis. Later, Quiroga would sell Australis Seafoods to Joyvio, a Chinese salmon enterprise.