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Jonathan M. Holder – An Approachable Superhero

Most people would describe Jonathan M. Holder as an attorney, but he likes to think of himself as a protector. His mission at Dean Omar Branham Shirley is to fight for everyday people who have been harmed by companies who deem profits more important than the welfare of their customers or employees.

Holder is a powerful asset for a firm like Dean Omar Branham Shirley, a capeless justice league of sorts, who proudly make it their business to hold corporations accountable when their carelessness or greed hurts workers and consumers. 

Holder’s self-driven inspiration to achieve good isn’t just motivated by his sense of equity. He is proud to pursue every case with a strong competitive style. Winning matters, he says, a life-lesson learned growing up in a house full of kids trying to be the best at everything.

When companies are made to answer for their misdeeds, Holder believes that everyone wins. This simple credo is what makes him such a great fit at Dean Omar Branham Shirley. Accepting nothing less than complete justice for wronged people is the cornerstone of the firm’s quest, and Jonathan M. Holder is so well-suited for the job, he really ought to consider wearing a cape.