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Latest Marketing Insights Highlighted by Eduardo Sonoda

Eduardo Sonoda studied at the London Marketing Academy and later joined several international marketing companies before forming Eduardo Sonoda Advisory Company, where he is the current founder and CEO.

Eduardo Sonoda always wanted to be an entrepreneur. It led him to pursue a career in marketing and business management. He ensures that all projects are well discussed by his team and allows room for new ideas. It helps in the growth of his company; and also creates a good relationship with his clients. They also discuss what’s happening in the business world and how to improve their business every time there is a change in market trends.

He emphasizes that businesses should adapt to change brought by the pandemic; have ideas that employees understand and are easy to implement. Eduardo Sonoda cares about his employees and client and advises companies to do a combination of events where people don’t have to travel to events but can participate virtually. Businesses need to come up with strategies on how to survive in the digital trends.

Eduardo Sonoda the views and responses of his clients, he also actively participates in the non-profit organization that becomes clients. He affirms that treating clients well attracts more customers because they will be great promoters for their products and services. He hires people with whom they share the same career goal; and the right attitude when it comes to business. Sonoda says it helps in the growth of the organization. He emphasizes that treating employees well will help achieve the vision.

Training staff now and then will help them adapt to change quickly. Problem-solving skills have helped his company by identifying issues from different angles; involving others helps solve the problem faster because everyone views things differently. Project planning gives time to strategies and brings out the right resources needed for the project.