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Rod J. Rohrich Offers Many Different Plastic Surgery Services To Patients In Dallas

Rod J. Rohrich is a plastic surgeon who works out of Dallas, Texas. He offers many different services and is known on an international level. Some of his offerings include facelift surgery, liposuction, body lift, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, rhinoplasty surgery, liquid rhinoplasty, revision facelift, lip augmentation, lip lift, and much more. He also offers a number of non-invasive treatments including skin resurfacing, hair rejuvenation, lip lift, and evolve treatments. Get to know Dr. Rohrich at

When it comes to facelift surgery, Rod J. Rohrich understands that not all faces are the same. He assess the personal goals of each patient he works with to ensure what he offers is unique and personalized. Rohrich is able to fix aging features by using advanced methods, and he is a pioneer of lift-and-fill face lifts. He has received many awards, and one of these came from D Magazine when he was named one of the best doctors in Dallas, Texas.