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Ross Levinsohn Transforms Media and Communications

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is an established executive in America’s fast-paced media and technology industries. Earning a degree in broadcast communications in 1985 enabled Levinsohn to start his own production business. He and his co-founder operated the successful agency for four years. They sold it, and each took a new opportunity. Levinsohn’s early career included several years at Time Warner Sports followed by an equal length of time as a producer at SportsLine.

Levinsohn’s predilection for entrepreneurship saw him return to his roots several times. He co-founded a successful digital advertising agency, 5to1, with businessman James Heckman. He also founded Scout Productions and Whisper Advisors. Yahoo bought out 5to1, and it brought Levinsohn in as an executive. He even served as its interim CEO for a while in 2012. Levinsohn also filled executive roles at other prominent media and technology organizations, including Fox Interactive Media, Tribune Company, Guggenheim Digital Partners, the Los Angeles Times and Boston Consulting Group.

Ross Levinsohn is also a well-respected advisor. He served on the board of directors at a swath of organizations, including American University, his alma mater. He also served on Thryv’s board of directors. Levinsohn also enjoys advising other entrepreneurs and startups that are just making their way into the media or technology industries.

In 2019, Levinsohn’s old partner, James Heckman, reached out with a fresh opportunity. After he and Levinsohn sold 5to1, Heckman started Maven, Inc. It took off, and by 2019, Maven owned more than 300 popular printed publications and online brands. Some of its top holdings included Maxim, Biography and The firm had just acquired Sports Illustrated, and Levinsohn was selected as its new leader.

Heckman knew that Levinsohn’s drive and success with expanding authors and perspectives would be a boon to the publication. In 2020, Heckman released his retirement plans. In his announcement, he said that he would keep serving as an advisor to Maven, and he wanted Levinsohn to be the organization’s new CEO. Ross Levinsohn stepped into the CEO role at Maven in August 2020. In the past nine months, he’s grown its brand verticals and its visibility.