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Ryan Bishti Customer Service

Customer service is inescapable when it comes to the most important elements of a restaurant or hospitality business. Ryan Bishti knows and thus emphasizes that his restaurants’ success rests heavily upon proper responses from staff members when serving clients food at their table. 


And beyond:

Providing advice on drinks.

Helping late-night patrons get taxis after meals have been eaten (if they’re still available).

Figuring out the insurance you need because nothing can save us now.


To ensure your staff is trained in the best way to serve customers, Bishti recommends emphasizing training them. Servers and greeters will be able to do their job well if they’re given attention while dealing with patrons- especially when it comes time for drinks or appetizers.


Such attitude can quickly turn into exhaustion because people need prompt service, whether it’s getting something filled up at the first place table or just wanting some advice on what’s good around town.


A restaurant’s decor and ambiance are crucial to its success. When opening a new place, owner Bishti notes that you need to understand your clientele by paying attention to what kind of food they eat and how it tastes and feels in the process, which can only happen with an emphasis on personality.


The environment of a restaurant can have an amazing impact on how successful it will be. When someone says “restaurant,” What comes to your mind? Do they imagine dark, moldy basements with Michelin-starred chefs preparing food for romantic partners or families looking to spend time together out of doors?


A distinctive decor and ambiance give restaurants their edge over the competition. Still, ultimately this must work tandemly to ensure that any opening goes smoothly from the start (-)to finish. Consider: Who would want to eat.


The client experience at a restaurant is crucial for success. The three components that contribute to this are decor, ambiance, and customer service. Each component impacts the other two, so it’s important to think about what you want in your space (the inside) and how customers will perceive these things when they walk through those doors.