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Tajuna Sharpe

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

Tajuna Sharpe, according to the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department, is excited to offer a free community workshop series this fall. The workshops will cover various public safety topics, including personal safety, home security, and emergency preparedness. This is an excellent opportunity for residents to get to know their local public safety officials and learn how to keep themselves and their families safe. We hope you take advantage of this free series and join us for some informative and useful sessions!

What is the Community Workshop Series?

The Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department is excited to offer island residents a free Community Workshop Series. The series will include four workshops, each focusing on a different topic related to public safety.

The first workshop, “Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Roosevelt Island Resident,” will provide an overview of what residents can expect from the Public Safety Department and how they can best work with us to keep the community safe.

The second workshop, “Emergency Preparedness on Roosevelt Island,” will focus on what residents can do to prepare for various emergencies on the island.

The third workshop, “Crime Prevention Tips for Roosevelt Island Residents,” will offer advice on how residents can protect themselves from crime and keep their homes and belongings safe.

Lastly, the fourth workshop, “Personal Safety for Roosevelt Island Residents,” will provide tips on how to stay safe when out and about in the community.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation free community workshop series is a great way to learn about crime prevention and safety. These workshops benefit both residents and businesses on Roosevelt Island, as they provide valuable information to help keep the community safe. Tajuna Sharpe encourages you to attend one of these workshops to learn more about keeping yourself and your property safe.