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The Pandemic Isn’t Slowing Down SextPanther

SextPanther is an exciting new adult chat service that is connecting creators directly with subscribers on their site and app. Where people could once meet at bars over drinks or go on dates to the movies, the pandemic has greatly limited our social contact over the last year. SextPanther breaks through that barrier by allowing individuals to communicate with one another privately and comfortably.

Users pay for a membership which is flexible through the year, with premium memberships allowing clients to ‘sext’ with a creator of their choice. The messages are forwarded through the SextPanther app or website to provide privacy to both user and creator by protecting their personal phone numbers. Credits may be purchased and spent in any instance of communication between user and creator, and those credits go to pay creators.

After undergoing background checks and verification of identity, creators can produce and share their media with clients who have contacted them. Based on the number of user interactions, creators are compensated bi-weekly from SextPanther. There’s no need to have prior experience to produce and share adult media through SextPanther, and the ease and independence of the app sees creators in control of their schedules and amount of work.

With over 4 million users already and a second app specifically for male creators, the company is building a strong foundation for itself. This corner of the adult entertainment industry has been reignited, as SextPanther helps bridge the gaps is seen in this type of social interaction and connectivity today.