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Why Author Solutions Is The Go-To Option For Anyone Seeking To Publish Their Work

Founded in 1997, Author Solutions is one of the earliest self-publishing service providers around the world. It is the global leader in providing supported self-publishing services and the go-to option for many authors. Author Solutions services have facilitated publishing over three hundred thousand titles for close to 250,000 authors worldwide.

As a pioneer in the self-publishing industry, Author Solutions built a name for themselves among authors as exceptional publishing service providers by imprinting a positive impact in the lives of the early days’ authors. It gives publishers the space to achieve personalized success by availing myriads of resources, contacts, and the requisite industry knowledge. Anyone looking forward to having their book feature on TV or films need not look any further as they will get a step-by-step guide around the whole process to see their dream unfold.

Author Solutions’ supported self-publishing services have aided the career journey of many authors while helping them maintain ownership and control over their work, not to mention exceptional services they enjoy from a pool of experts. Authors are sure to keep their vision throughout their roles. Authors benefit from more than ten supported self-publishing imprints spread through nine countries in five continents.

Among other top-notch industry players, they collaborate with are the HarperCollins Christian and Simon & Schuster and other distribution channel players such as Indigo Chapters and Ingram. Their focus is to facilitate success and make the whole experience of publishing less costly without the need for any industry contacts.

The firm has had a global reach with imprints in UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore to the advantage of authors the world over. Reviews from clients speak of a publishing service provider that is out to seek the success of its clients. Authors have a peace of mind thanks to Author Solutions. Visit this page for additional information.


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