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BeachBody Inspires Fitness

ShakeologyFitness has always been a way of life for Carl Daikeler. However, it hasn’t always been his career. His first job after graduating from college was producing halftime shows for the NFL. Those activities showed him how strong, flexible and adaptable the human form can be. He worked in the industry for several years before moving on to filming and producing infomercials.

While in the infomercial industry, Daikeler noticed that a growing number of items he promoted were related to health, exercise and fitness. He soon came to realize that people wanted to do their workouts at home because of the hassle of going to the gym. Memberships to gyms cost a pretty penny. Getting there was a hassle, especially for someone with a full or irregular work schedule or someone with children. For an overweight or obese person, there’s a considerable amount of embarrassment about going to the gym to exercise.

Carl Daikeler founded the BeachBody program to make it easier for people to get fit. The series started with six workouts, and it quickly expanded to hundreds. Several celebrities created their own brands within BeachBody. As technology changed, so did the program. Daikeler added BeachBody on Demand in 2015, and compared it to Netflix but for exercise instead of entertainment. He also partnered with others to create OpenFit, an app for workouts and nutrition.


Recently, Carl Daikeler and a co-founder created Shakeology. It’s designed to be the nutritional component of the BeachBody workout program. It’s a step up from the 21-day detox option Daikeler created a few years ago. Participants can choose a protein powder from whey or from plants. The protein powders are mixed into a cold liquid, such as dairy milk or plant milk. Each Shakeology shake can be a meal replacement, or it can be paired with fresh or cooked vegetables and fruits to satisfy a bigger appetite.

Shakeology fills those deep gaps in the typical American diet. Most adults don’t get enough fiber. Each Shakeology shake has a minimum of 16 grams of protein, which creates satiation. The available flavors include vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel.