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Beachbody Will Help You Get in Shape

BeachbodyBeachbody is a program designed to help people achieve the physique that they want using exercise, nutrition and community support. The idea behind the program is to offer people access to a system that provides sustainable results.

How it Began

Carl Daikeler is the CEO and chairman of Beachbody. Starting out as a direct marketing executive, Carl made a big move to the fitness and weight loss industry when he released “.08 Minute Abs.”

The video’s release helped him realize that people appreciate practical fitness ideas. He also saw potential in the at-home fitness market, which inspired him to become a co-founder of The Beachbody Company. He started developing fitness and nutrition programs, testing each one’s effectiveness before introducing them to the market.

Carl is also a chairman of the company’s charitable foundation. The organization has given more than $10 million to organizations like Save A Warrior, the NAACP and the International Justice Mission.

A Complete Solution

Carl’s goal is to give people access to a program that promotes healthy weight loss and better fitness. Those who begin the program will receive fitness and nutrition guidance as well as mental support from a personal coach.

Carl Daikeler’s program may have started out on VHS, but today, it is available to you On Demand. The great thing about this is that different fitness programs are available, ones that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Since you’ll have access to different fitness routines, you’re sure to find exercises that you prefer. When you like your workout, it’s much easier to perform it frequently.


To make the program even more effective, Carl developed Shakeology, which is a full line of protein supplements. Containing antioxidants, vitamins and probiotics, Shakeology is formulated to give your body the nutrition that it needs. The fitness system also airs two cooking shows that will help you eat healthier.

Get in Shape on Your Terms

Carl created Beachbody to help people reach their health goals. The program comes with everything that you need to succeed including On Demand exercise routines, healthy eating and emotional support.