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Betsy And Djck DeVos Strive To Make Every American Child’s Education Matter

When Dick DeVos puts his mind to do something, he has the talent and leadership skills to make it happen. He lives and heads up a firm in Michigan, and his family has a long history in the state.


Dick’s company, The Windquest Group, is a private investment firm based in Grand Rapids. He is the founder and CEO of the company and has aptly driven its success by implementing his vast experience and business background. Much of his earlier career was spent working in his family’s business. His father was an owner of the Amway Corporation for many years, and the elder Richard DeVos was one of its founders. Dick DeVos learned the business and ended up as the company’s CEO until the 1990s. Amway was one of the pioneers in the direct selling industry, and Dick lended his entrepreneurial spirit alongside his father for years.


In addition to his respected position in the Michigan community, the DeVos name is also widely known in American politics. He and his wife are Republicans. Dick DeVos ran for public office but lost that election. Betsy DeVos served in the position of the U.S. Secretary of Education for approximately three years. She earned the appointment during the presidency of Donald J. Trump, and the appointment lasted from 2017 until late 2020.


Betsy and Dick DeVos have financially and personally supported numerous efforts to improve the quality of education for youngsters in Michigan and beyond. They strongly advocate a national policy for school choice. This would allow parents to make the decision as to where their children can attend school without the intervention of the politicians currently in office who oppose school choice. The Dick DeVos family also supports many other philanthropic efforts which focus on their local community.