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Bhanu Choudhrie Launched Alpha Aviation Group

Bhanu Choudhrie is the Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) founder, which provides commercial airline pilots with simulator training. Bhanu Choudhrie; This industry is known for being sluggish to adapt, but the pandemic is driving it to do much faster than usual. AAG is a pioneer in technology, with a digital-first, simulator-driven approach to commercial pilot training.

Bhanu Choudhrie launched Alpha Aviation Group in 2006, intending to find more cost-effective ways to train budget airline pilots. Because they lack the financial resources of major carriers to construct comprehensive training programs of their own, many airlines must outsource much of their training.

When industry regulators approved Multi-Pilot Licensing (MPL), AAG was one of the first training companies to offer it. MPL uses simulators more than traditional training, significantly cutting the required in-flight training time from 230 to 70 hours.

Bhanu Choudhrie; Due to the reduction in flight time, AAG can address the needs of budget airlines by training its pilots as their fleet grows. The expedited curriculum also means that pilots can be prepared in two years rather than the five years required by a standard program. Furthermore, more excellent simulator time lowers training costs dramatically.

Alpha Aviation Group’s training technique also improves the safety of novice pilots. Traditional training programs start with small planes to teach basic concepts before moving on to larger planes for operating procedures. On the other hand, AAG gives pilots early exposure to the passenger jets they’ll be flying. As these planes get more technologically advanced, this strategy becomes more advantageous.

AAG had to invest considerably in-flight simulators to create a condensed MPL curriculum, which has already paid for itself. The company presently operates 11 simulators, with an Airbus A320 2.0 simulator in the Philippines being the most recent addition. To date, AAG has taught approximately 1700 pilots in Asia and many more in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). AAG now has cadets from at least 40 nations enrolled in its programs.

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