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Blockchain Singularity Remains on the Agenda at DFINITY USA

DFINITY USAThe top priority in DFINITY USA’s agenda for the last five years has been to secure blockchain singularity, and the organization’s crew has specifically advanced this objective through the development of the Internet Computer. The organization is comprised of programmers, computer scientists, engineers and others who believe in the promise established by blockchain. This promise involves establishing fundamental improvements to economies on a global scale, and it can only be delivered if one blockchain system is used worldwide. The wide range of current blockchain systems have a fractured network with closed-source platforms, so they are not engineered to bring blockchain’s promise to life. DFINITY USA’s Internet Computer, on the other hand, has been produced specifically with the concept of blockchain singularity at the forefront.

In fact, the organization’s team members initially got started with the Internet Computer’s development by establishing Mokoto as its design language. This was an all-new language that has enabled the Internet Computer to function flawlessly with both smart contracts and blockchain. As a result, it has been able to accomplish feats where other languages have failed. For example, Mokoto has what it takes to complete asynchronous communications, produce orthogonal persistence and streamline automated memory messages.

DFINITY USAThe Internet Computer’s individuality continues with an array of specialized features and functions. For example, the smart contracts that are built into the Mokoto language lay the framework for faster execution of Bitcoin transactions. As another example, the node-based Network Nervous System created by the DFINITY USA team functions with liquid democracy. It also empowers the system’s developers to make faster updates. Chain Key encryption has also been incorporated into the Internet Computer, and the result is a system that is compatible with smart devices, including phones, watches and other equipment.

The Internet Computer continues to receive the full attention of DFINITY USA’s team as the system is fine-tuned to perfection. As work wraps up, everyone from computer engineers and cryptocurrency users to blockchain technologists, node servicers and others are eager to see the final result of the team’s efforts.