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Mark Hauser Spearheads The Success of Hauser Private Equity Firm

The Cincinnati private equity company has made a significant contribution to the growth and success of many private equity firms. Hauser Private Equity Company, under the management of Mark Hauser, its chief executive officer, has managed to make outstanding achievements that have helped it heighten to international levels. The firm was well established and strategically […]

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Scott Dylans Caribou Parcel Delivery

Caribou is a parcel delivery service based in the UK. Their services include international and domestic shipping, warehouse storage, pallet service, and freight by air, road and sea. Founded by Dave Antrobus and Scott Dylan, it is the product of a merger between a variety of mail, parcel and packet companies. Caribou’s domestic parcel network […]

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Beachbody Will Help You Get in Shape

Beachbody is a program designed to help people achieve the physique that they want using exercise, nutrition and community support. The idea behind the program is to offer people access to a system that provides sustainable results. How it Began Carl Daikeler is the CEO and chairman of Beachbody. Starting out as a direct marketing […]

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Robinson Helicopter Company After 40 Years

Before Frank Robinson, founder of Robinson Helicopter Company, built the first R22 helicopter prototype in a hanger at the Torrance, California, Airport in 1973, he had spent over 20 years in the industry, starting in 1952. He had worked for Cessna for three and a half years on the CH-1 Skyhook helicopter and a year […]

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Robinson Helicopter Company

Frank Robinson’s company for helicopters was created in 1973. His mission was to produce the most cost-effective, high-quality helicopters that are dependable and trustworthy in virtually all types of flying conditions. Robinson Helicopter Company introduced the R22 2-position piston, in the late 1970s, as its first helicopter. It was a seminal moment in the company’s […]