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Clean Energy Revolution: PosiGen

PosiGen is on a mission to create clean, sustainable energy for the world. Founded in 2013 by two brothers with a background in solar engineering and design, the solar power company is now one of the most recognized names in renewable energy. With offices across three continents, they are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to affordable, reliable cleaner power sources. They have already helped more than 2 million people lower their carbon footprint without any upfront cost or long-term commitment.


PosiGen solar power company is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. From there, they have worked to create opportunities for communities across the Gulf South by building solar-powered homes and businesses at affordable prices. At PosiGen, they recognize how important it is that everyone has access to clean energy technology—and can afford to buy into their vision of a cleaner future. This is why they offer many renewable technologies like rooftop panels or home battery storage systems.


At PosiGen, they offer their products and services on an annual financial plan that doesn’t require any upfront cost or commitment from homeowners. As one of the leading providers of sustainable power options in New Orleans, the solar power company understands what this means for local families who want to make more eco-friendly choices without breaking the bank! By offering multiple financing plans with no money down and no long-term commitment, PosiGen gives local people the chance to do their part for a cleaner planet.

PosiGen has been recognized as America’s Most Affordable Clean Energy Company by LendEDU and was named one of the Top 100 Global Cleantech start-ups in 2017. Since its inception, it has grown into an award-winning company that isn’t slowing down anytime soon! At PosiGen, they offer residential and commercial solar energy options across three continents; North America, Europe, and Australia, provide clean power solutions with minimal impact on resources like water or land use!