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Eduardo Sonoda Makes a Remarkable Contribution to The Marketing Advisory World Though His Expertise Advises

Eduardo Sonoda is one person who has over the years continued to gain global recognition due to his immense contributions to the marketing industry. Eduardo who hails from Hackney in London attended the University of East London where he earned a degree in business management. Sonoda sharpened his marketing skills during his schooling tenure at the London Marketing Academy, skills that he uses up to date. After extensively establishing a covetable career path for six years, Sonoda sought to establish his company that majored as a marketing operation boutique, Eduardo Sonoda Advisory. Currently, his advisory company has employed over 700 employees.

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic that has wreaked havoc on the majority of businesses, a myriad of marketing advice is paramount. It has been established that majority of the countries across necessitated the lockdowns to curb the pandemic. On the other hand, for businesses to survive, they ought to majorly scale to online platforms as the majority of households rely on online services such as shopping, entertainment, and other matters. Research experts assert that these new lifestyle behaviors have necessitated new marketing trends. Eduardo Sonoda has recently sought to dissect the factors that have currently affected marketing trends.

Eduardo Sonoda depicts that internal factors such as finance and production have significantly impacted the company’s marketing strategy and its response to the marketing trends. Additionally, there are external factors that have significantly influenced marketing trends such as the economy, competition, o re Marketing Officers who comprehend their organization’s purposes and are competent in highlighting them are said to be the drivers of the much-coveted navigation. More to read from his blogs at Medium