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Everything You Need to Know About Randy Douthit

Randy DouthitIn November, the iconic television and courtroom judge returned to the bench with episodes available on Amazon’s premium free streaming service every weekday. This time around, she has a qualified team behind her, if not more so than any other before it.

Her new team is all retired professionals with years of experience in their respective fields.

Her bailiff Kevin Rasco is an entrepreneur who helped run Los Angeles Probation before retiring to do something different.

Whitney Kumar worked as both court reporter and stenographer for California law courts. She’ll be taking notes during proceedings.

The last member is Sarah Rose. She is Judge Judy’s granddaughter and law clerk.

Judy Justice is a new series that follows Sheindlin as she presides over the courtroom with her no-nonsense attitude. Executive produced and directed by Randy Douthit. This court program is one of many he has been at the helm.

Randy Douthit is an American producer who has won numerous awards, such as the Peabody, for his work on shows like “Judge Judy” and CNN’s Crossfire. He also directed the late 1980s version of Larry King Live, which put him into prominence with television viewers nationwide in America.

On November 15, 1949, Randy Douthit was born in Newberg, Oregon, to Ralph Loren and Elizabeth (Butler) Dowthiet. He attended Stanford University from 1968 to 1969 before going to Portland State. After completing two years there, he received a bachelor’s degree with honors and another MS Degree.

Randy DouthitHis impressive resume lists are a BA in Psychology and a Master of Science, among other things.

He produced:

  • King Broadcasting, Seattle from 1970-1978
  • ABC, New York City from 1978-1981
  • Executive produced, Cable News Network, Washington from 1981-1991
  • Executive produced, Warner Brothers, Los Angeles from 1991-1993
  • Executive produced, Quincy Jones Enterprises, Los Angeles from 1993
  • Executive produced, Home Box Office, Los Angeles from 1994
  • Executive producer, New World Entertainment, Los Angeles and New York City, since 1995.