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Finding Beauty in Grief at Eterneva

Inspired by the passing of a cherished mentor, Adelle Archer designed the ability to carry loved ones even long after they have passed away becoming a company that is more grief counselor than solely consumer-based and profit-driven. They take the ugly pain of grief and morph it into a beautiful keepsake that is able to be cherished forever. Turning ashes into diamonds creates splendor despite the harsh reality of death. Diamonds are symbolic of invincible spirituality which Eterneva harnesses into magnificent keepsakes. Read more

The dedicated employees of this company have made it possible to utilize the legacy of the strongest stone known to mankind by allowing customers the ability to carry the past into their future. Creating the ability to memorialize and carry a loved one after their passing Eterneva is expanding their presence beyond their humble beginnings in Texas roaming across the country as far as Vermont. They have established the basis for the ability to carry a piece of their heart with them on every continued adventure.

More than a friend or relative that has passed on, Eterneva allows for pets to be eternally present in the most precious stones man can create. The cremation-diamond company is focusing on its future by focusing on more than just branching to new locales. They seek the ability to grow and celebrate life. The intricate process can take between seven to ten months, but then provides a lifetime of memories to be shared.

Grief researchers have learned the positive impact co-founders, Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar have on society by providing a continued connection with deceased loved ones in a healthy manner. Carrying jewelry created from the ashes of loved family members allows for the transformation from focusing on loss to re-focus on the life lived and to continue to be lived.