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Gary McGaghey’s outstanding performance as a private equity expert

The year 2021 is a great time to have an overview of the driving forces behind private equity deals. There is a general improvement and increase in private equity deals from 2020. Private equity deals increased by 2.95% in the first 5 months of 2021 compared to the first 5 in 2020. This is due to low interest rates and a rise in the number of funds as experienced private equity professionals are setting up deployable capital. Such conditions are favorable for private equity professionals like the Chief Financial Officer of Williams Lea Tag, Gary McGaghey who builds finance teams and seeks value in private equity for the company.


Private Equity (PE) firms are continuously managing different asset classes to address the competition for traditional PE deals. PE managers can generate higher risk-adjusted returns on assets. Insurance companies receive attention because deals with them result in additional spread and higher returns on equity. The insurance providers have stable and long-term liabilities that need long-duration assets for backup.


There is the expectation for accelerated exit activity to avoid unfavorable tax outcomes because of uncertainty surrounding tax laws. Gary McGaghey has begun his PE career with Robertson’s Foods Ltd and became their CFO later. He later worked for Unilever SA, and in London and Geneva with Unilever PLC. Part of his responsibilities was to define business strategies that lead to efficient investment and growth of profit and this included having an exit strategy to avoid unfavorable tax outcomes.


Prior to making deals, the company’s social, government, and environmental standing undergoes scrutiny by PE firms to gauge risk levels. Gary McGaghey did this for Unilever SA when he was responsible for their investment portfolio. He viewed the interests of stakeholders alongside those of Unilever to reshape strategies. He implemented suitable pensions and fund regulations whilst redistributing existing surpluses. He also helped Unilever PLC to source M & A opportunities for and made deals within other countries while restructuring global ventures.