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Haroldo Jacobovicz – Life is a journey

Haroldo Jacobovicz founded Horizons Telecom, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Curitiba Brazil, where he is currently CEO. He also established Horizons Datacenter, one of the largest data center services providers in the South American continent, and he is presently chairman of the company. Brazil is a great market for Information Technology, with a vast and expanding set of opportunities. The country has long been the home of engineers, which makes the country a great place to be a software engineer as well as is capital city Curitiba.

From archaic mail-in-boxes to massive data centers connected with fiber optic cables, the cloud has experienced a sea change in the last decade. Many governments now make it mandatory for businesses to store important data locally.

The data center is the center of an information technology ecosystem, and its evolution over the last 20 years is an important step in our progress as a species. The ultimate goal of data centers is to deliver the most efficient computing power possible. Its layout and design are driven by corporate policy, budgets, and safety. Haroldo Jacobovicz: The technological growth that we are currently witnessing is unprecedented. Ever since the industrial revolution and the appearance of a single, global information technology hub in Silicon Valley, the world has witnessed a continuous expansion of information technology.

A decade ago, there was no practical possibility of creating information technology products and services anywhere else in the world. Still, the spread of the Internet as a source of technology products and services has increased at a fast pace, making it possible to use the software anywhere.

The innovation sectors are growing at a staggering rate. Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, IoT, Cloud computing, Big Data, Robotics, Virtual Reality (VR), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are the key components to this booming segment of the technology market. Innovative technologies and solutions are currently being tested in many companies in Brazil. Some include the biggest multinationals in the world, noted Haroldo Jacobovicz. These technologies are now the cornerstone for the development of new industries.