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How passion has led to the business success of Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus is an Australian entrepreneur, business consultant, and firm owner.

He always had a passion for business and started his first at just eight years old.

By the time he was twenty-five, he had already started and run four different businesses successfully.

When he hit thirty-three, he sold all four businesses and had enough money to retire, but did not consider it as a viable option.

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Lazarus was also a performer in his academics, graduating high school with an almost-perfect score.

Following this, many universities in Australia and the United States tried to have him attend for his degree, but he chose to participate in Melbourne Business School for his Master of Business Administration.

Lazarus turned down numerous job offers to continue running his businesses and supporting others.

He decided to use his business success to help new entrepreneurs.

That is when he founded the Luke Lazarus Consulting in Sydney.

His experiences have taught him to first understand his goals before jumping into business, and he passes down those lessons to all his clients.

In the decades he has been an entrepreneur, Luke has learned that businesses do not crumble for lack of effort, dedication, or talent.

It is from a lack of knowledge on how to perform every business function necessary for success.

He teaches business owners to outsource for people to do their time-heavy tasks to have enough time to focus on growth.

Lazarus helps clients implement the best business models to maximize their profits.

He also encourages them to seek funding from investors for easy growth.

He is a heavy advocate for digital marketing, acknowledging how social media platforms have grown many businesses and using mobile transactions for ease and guaranteed safety.

Despite his success, Lazarus likes to connect with people on social media and pass on general education on business ownership.

He also remains physically active by working out and walking his dog.

He values spending time with family and friends and giving back.

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