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How Ross Levinsohn Transformed Both Sports Illustrated And Maven

Ross LevinsohnBringing years of experience and boundless wisdom to the business domain, Ross Levinsohn is a man of unstoppable ambition. Having immersed himself in many industries early on, Levinsohn’s played a prominent role in the media, finance, sports, and technology trades. As a result, he’s become a businessman of honorable prestige. Throughout his career, Levinsohn’s embraced countless opportunities.

Fortunately, this allowed him to diversify his skills. From media buying and event coverage to content aggregation and sports management, Levinsohn is versed in several fields. With that said, his insight is highly sought-after. Though Levinsohn was recently named the newest CEO of Maven, he’s worked for various companies over his decades-long professional journey. Fox Interactive Media, HBO, Yahoo, and Sports Illustrated are among a few.

Levinsohn’s time at the latter proved a turning point in his career. While serving as the CEO of Sports Illustrated, Levinsohn saw considerable room for improvement. In the hopes of breathing new life into the company, Levinsohn restructured its operations. Not only did this drive the magazine’s growth, but it also generated higher subscription revenues. Levinsohn also worked diligently to revamp the company’s editorial operations while keeping a focus on niche audiences.

With this prominent feather in his cap, Levinsohn gained significant momentum. Before long, Levinsohn was at the helm of Maven. Much like Sports Illustrated, Maven was in desperate need of change. Under Levinsohn’s guidance, this Seattle-based media company has seen tremendous growth and prosperity. As Ross Levinsohn continues to work his magic, Maven will reap the rewards of his unmatched savvy and professionalism.