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Intuition: Bobby Kotick

Bobby Kotick has always been fascinated with video game systems and how they work. He went to the University of Michigan and teamed up with mogul Steve Jobs. He wanted to have a job he could love each and every day and the video game software business was calling his name. That did it for him and now he has become one of the biggest software developers in the world. It wasn’t easy to get to the top but he was able to do it with new ideas and a new vision for a company called Activision. that started his road to success.

The early part of his career was the toughest one because Activision was almost bankrupt. He and his partner had to come up with new ideas and and new ways to move the company forward. Over the next thirty years of his life he was dedicated to Activision and now he is one of the heads of Activision Blizzard. Now he wants the best talent out there to help get the company going. He likes it when new talent comes in with fresh ideas to make video games better for the consumer. Consumer satisfaction is what it is all about.

Bobby Kotick has quite a bit on his plate at the moment. He has three big divisions to keep track of. He wants to bring in the best people around the world to make game people will like to play. he knows what it is like to spend hours coming up with a good idea and turning it into a viable video game. While the technology has changed over the years his passion for software and what it can do has not. That is why he went into the software business. Now he is at the top.

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