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John Ritenour Explains The Benefits Of Working Remotely

Working remotely is the new norm since the health pandemic hit the planet. Several companies have adjusted their policies to the recent changes in the working environment. Due to this move, most of them are still in business, thanks to that brilliant move. According to the founder of the Insurance Office Of America, John Ritenour, the business fraternity needs leaders with a forward-thinking approach. John says he has used this approach to succeed in his entrepreneurship journey. Remember, the decision you make as a leader affects several people, including your employees, competitors, and other industry stakeholders.

How do employees benefit from working remotely?

According to John Ritenour, employees will enjoy some of the following benefits if they work remotely. The most significant advantage is on saving. The employee will save time he or she could have wasted in the traffic to do something else. No cost on gas for your vehicle means saving more money. There is more flexibility in working from home because the employee has the freedom of flexible schedules. The most important thing is hitting the deadline so the employee is more productive since he or she can work early in the morning or late in the evening when there are no distractions.

How do employers benefit from employees working remotely?

The company will win big in saving overhead costs. Remember, when employees are working in offices, a lot of operational costs are incurred. They include parking fees, insurance, and stationery expenses, among many others. The employer will also enjoy better productivity from the employee because, as we have said, they are more productive when they are calm and relaxed. John Ritenour believes since it’s beneficial to all the parties, it should be implemented in these difficult times. As an employer, you can still make good progress while protecting the lives of your employees. To know more click: here.