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 Laura McQuade: Powerful Advocate for Women's Health

IN NEW YORK IMPACT: This year, the company anticipates 97,000 admissions from about 61,000 patients.

At 51 years old, and considered one of New York State’s most powerful women of 2019, the indefatigable Laura McQuade is leading Planned Parenthood through a phase of growth. Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading advocate for the health and reproductive services of women, was operating on a budget of 54 million dollars as of 2018. Planned Parenthood’s role in the health of the women of this nation is all the more significant given the current state of our nation with the Covid-19 vaccine pervading every sector of society.

With the ever-present threat from abortion restrictions in numerous states as well as reduced Title X funding and prohibitive rules from the federal government, concerning reproductive care, Ms. McQuade has her work cut out for her.

McQuade is at the forefront of a recent deal to strengthen Planned Parenthood’s bargaining force in Empire State when the five parties vote to unite. According to McQuade, the merger would give the company more bargaining leverage with private payers and the opportunity to collaborate with bigger health systems. Which is also expected to open more doors for statewide sexual and reproductive health services. The deal would create Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, led by McQuade, with a first-year operating budget of $ 110 million.

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