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New Adventures at SeaWorld

Restoration and Movement

The Oregon Coast Aquarium typically only gives short-term treatment to stranded turtles before returning to their natural environment. This travel was made possible by the non-profit Turtles Fly Too organization. Turtles Fly Too is an association that supports tortoises like this. The group aims to coordinate and promote the use of aircraft in the transportation and treatment of turtles and other endangered species.

San Diego SeaWorld Time

The animal was received by SeaWorld and it was kept stable. The specialist team of SeaWorld continued to track the state of the animal and worked on its eventual rehabilitation and regeneration.

SeaWorld’s Endangered Tortoises Help

SeaWorld parks with scores of loggerheads, greens, hawks, leatherbacks as well as Kemp’s Riddley turtles, including the San Diego site. They deal with tortoises and earth turtles too. SeaWorld’s contribution to rescuing 2,210 tortoises since 2017. On other occasions, it’s cool weather that prevents the turtles from continuing down the way to migration.

A cold snap in the weather can be fatal in many areas where these tortoises breed. Tortoises get hypothermic and end up feeding in a cold-stunning state. An example of SeaWorld’s actions in January 2010 to support these cold-stunted tortoises. More than 300 such turtles were discovered in the waters at the time.

SeaWorld was able to release over 250 of the 300 rescued tortoises back to the sea safely after a successful recovery. This was the first initiative in the history of the agency against cold-shocked tortoises. SeaWorld is a pioneering rescue, study, and restoration entity that helps more than just tortoises fighting cold waters seasonally. They support these tortoises with a wide variety of threats, mostly due to human errors and habitat destruction.

During oil spills, their spawning and bashing areas are at risk, both of which are important for the ability of turtles to survive and continue to increase in their population. SeaWorld Orlando created safe areas in 2010 to rescue almost 130 tortoises, all affected by oil spills. Almost all rescued tortoises are then put in a protected environment where oil leaks are less risky. SeaWorld has also been involved in the prevention of premature tumor development for a large number of turtles.

Turtles are at risk, like the loggerhead.

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