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 NYC’s Michael Capiraso Runs For The Greater Good

Michael Capiraso is connected to both New York City and the New York Road Runners organization in a unique fashion. The New York Road Runners is a community in and of itself but also working for the good of the greater community in New York City and beyond its five boroughs.

Michael Capiraso is the former Chief Executive Officer with this organization, NYRR. He has been affiliated with NYRR for nearly 30 years. The organization itself, has been active for about 60 years. His accomplishments are not small, but have included: doubling participation, nearly doubling the organization’s revenue, and creating partnerships with like-minded entities.

One ongoing accomplishment was in process when Capiraso began his role as CEO, that being to find a space, sufficient in size, that would support a running community and its interests. A space was eventually acquired and developed to serve runners and those interested in the culture created by that community. Two key partnerships were established under the guise of Capiraso. To aid school children in NYC, a partnership was born with Trust For Public Land to develop school playgrounds throughout the metropolitan area. New Balance operates a store at the NYRR Running Center to provide the gear that serve runners.

Michael Capiraso has participated in several NYC marathons during his time with NYRR. He has also aided in the development of a virtual racing platform for runners, which has garnered international interest. Capiraso believes that it is a team who are skilled at creating opportunities and passionate about running, or whatever brings the group together, that equals establishing a good lasting culture.

The New York Road Runners accepts a variety of people: older, younger, distance runners or 5K participants to make up its community. Another important quality to Capiraso is that one be focused on working for the common good rather than self etification.