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Professional Achievements of Trey Branham


Trey Branham is a top-notch attorney who earned his Law degree from South Carolina University in 1999. After completing school, his passion was to represent people in legal matters and ensure justice for all. His humble background taught him various life lessons, including the importance of hard work and commitments. It stuck to his mind that he preferred to sleep on the desk when he got sick to ensure that the work was executed.

Trey Branham is always enthusiastic and always prevents employees from exploitation by their employees. His Law firm is always dedicated to helping individuals and enterprises with business, employment, and injury matters. His team of lawyers provides top-notch representation to the best of their knowledge in law matters. In 2014, he emerged among the top attorneys in Texas. His name also appeared in raising stars of Texas for four years consistently from 2007. He was delighted to attain the recognition, which boosted his morale to execute his duties even better. 

Trey Branham also became a council alumni member, with forty members serving as advocates promoting the law school as a place of service to students, judicially, and the public. It also guides the school of law dean towards career strategies, reputation, fundraising matters, and more.

The law firm works with neighbors seeking justice and taking care of those in need as a way of giving back to society. They are dedicated to ensuring justice is served using their dedicated expert team. They are usually strict to the businesses that expose people to many risks and fail to abide by the laws. If you want a top-notch representation, visit Dean Omar Branham Shirley’s website or call them for the best results. All the best to Trey Branham as he continues making Dean Omar Branham Shirley more effective.