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Robinson Helicopter Company

Robinson HelicopterFrank Robinson’s company for helicopters was created in 1973. His mission was to produce the most cost-effective, high-quality helicopters that are dependable and trustworthy in virtually all types of flying conditions.

Robinson Helicopter Company introduced the R22 2-position piston, in the late 1970s, as its first helicopter. It was a seminal moment in the company’s history and heralded its rise as a major player in the helicopter industry.

In 1992, Robinson introduced the R44 4-place after the R22 design concept but with the bigger and more powerful Lycoming O-540 engine.

Robinson began to consider concepts for turbine-powered helicopters at the same period. Such a move noted a change in the way the company manufactured helicopters and showed a willingness on the part of its founder, to think outside the box.

With the powerful engine in situ, the R66 turbine has been thrown into high gear to produce a 5-seater turbine helicopter.

Today, the R44 and R66 helicopters are respectively the top sellers of the firm.

Robinson’s latest addition is the R44 Cadet, a two-place R44 built for the training market. This allowed the Robinson Helicopter Company to establish its place as the premier leader in helicopter flight training.

Robinson emphasizes safety, conducts monthly helicopter flight trainer safety classes and technical maintenance training.

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson offers a factory revision program for older aircraft in addition to new production.

To date, approximately 13,000 helicopters have been delivered globally by Robinson Helicopter Company.

Robinson Helicopter Company has established itself as the standard for manufacturing top-notch helicopters as well as the best helicopter training safety classes in the nation.