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Shopatainment and the Future of Advertising

DroppTv is a company that’s focused on cornering the market for shopatainment. The CEO, a guy named Rai, is working on blending advertising in the video under the same banner. Rai noticed that when he wanted to buy a jacket that he saw in a Drake video, that not only was the jacket not available from the video in some way, he actually couldn’t find it anywhere after searching for hours.

So, he decided to found a company that made it seamless and easy to get products you want directly from a video. Instead of having a pop-up ad, or a redirection that you had to go through before watching a video, you would just have an easy way to buy it without stopping you from enjoying the video itself. Overlay and interrupting ads only serve to annoy and drive away consumers, after all.

Instead, he decided to try his first shopatainment approach using the same thing that inspired it, namely a music video. Since music videos combine a lot of different elements, like fashion, music, and art, they are ideal for branching off into marketing. So, what Rai did through DroppTv is create a medium where content creators of all stripes can monetize their videos by using whatever energy their music videos create since you can just click on products you might want within the video. droppTV has used this shopatainment approach for artists including Ashanti to generate wealth through brands like COOGI, Znerobe, Roland, and many others.

This is definitely not just a music video thing, although it is highly effective through that medium for sure. For example, Dropptv has partnered with streetwear companies like Agenda Show to in-person conferences and festivals. This allows people to make purchases instantly through whatever presentations are happening. Even live shows make this possible.

It’s possible to get an edge this way by using natural trends as they happen. Nothing tells you what kind of clothes people want to buy quite like an extremely popular music video or live presentation where those clothes are readily apparent. People are turned off by insincere product advertisements, after all. Instead, if the products are just being used naturally first, then you can sell them second. If someone happens to be wearing something anyway, people are going to be more interested in buying it, as opposed to watching someone who is obviously wearing something because of the monetary benefit.

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