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The Career and Achievements of James Gutierrez

James Gutierrez is known globally for his outstanding contribution to the world’s financial industry. James has a vision and he is determined to ascertain that they are fulfilled. He helps American’s create wealth and be responsible through offering them loans. Besides venturing into entrepreneurship, James Gutierrez is also a philanthropist. He believes in the art of helping his community members, especially the less privileged, to live a normal and healthy life. Through support, society has managed to live a healthy life and adopt a bright future.

James Gutierrez is the co-owner of Oportun firm. He has served in this firm from 2005 to 2012. Through this company, he helped his community members by offering loans termed unsecured. He has spearheaded the success and growth of Oportun company. Currently, the company has over 500,000 customers. These loans have proved to be integral to society. James has also expanded the company by creating more subsidiaries based in Texas and California. The company’s commitment and determination made it possible to raise its debt worth $250 million in a spur of time. All these contributions and achievements result from James, who is well skilled and experienced in financial matters.

James is a renowned venture capitalist experienced in investment matters. He has partnered with several investors who have helped in spearheading his success. Among the capitalists, he has worked with Martin Varsavsky, who has spearheaded the establishment of several firms. James advises younger entrepreneurs of the need and importance of focusing on diversification. He began by investing in firms like OkCupid and Stubhub, to name a few.

Gutierrez is a leader with positive influence in the Silicon Valley region and across. He also has advanced knowledge in FinTech and banking. Besides being an entrepreneur and philanthropist, James also works as a board member of top-ranking firms like the San Francisco Advisory Board.