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The Life of Asot Michael

Asot Michael has had a long career in politics that spans more than 25 years but just how was he able to maintain such a successful career for so long? Well, it all started back in the late 60’s when he was first born in the French West Indies to two loving parents. As politics ran in his family, Asot Michael wasn’t sure whether he would follow in their footsteps but soon found himself going down that path. As a kid, Asot Michael found a lot of academic success in high school when he finished in the top ten of his class in the spring of 86. 


When he was done with this, he moved to Miami for college where he enrolled at Barry University. It was there that he first found his love of business & opted to make it his major. When he had completed all of his undergraduate work, Asot Michael went on to grad school at UM where he pursued his MBA. After he got it in the spring of 91, he returned home where he got his first job working at one of the local arcades. Asot Michael was not sure it was what he wanted to do with his life but he soon was able to get a job in his chosen field. 

His first foray into politics was when he served as an aid to the prime minister who at the time was Lester Bird. Beginning in 95, he started working his way up the political ladder and it was not long before he had become chief of staff. From there, he went on to be a Senator in the fall of 99. Asot Michael went on to represent saint peter once he joined the house and he would stop at nothing to fight for the rights of the people as he saw fit. In 2016, he was lucky enough to receive an award for being one of the best tourism ministers in the nation. He was reelected in 2018 but opted not to run again when the 2020 election came along so he could retire.