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The Recommendations of Dave Antrobus on Handling Remote Teams

Dave AtrobusDave Antrobus is the current director of technology of Fresh Thinking Group, a company which he co-founded. In his role, he handles various technology languages and frameworks, including website developments and managing information systems. With his co-founder, Dave has led the Fresh Thinking Group in their acquisitions of start-up companies, helping them to establish better and succeed beyond the first difficult years. Besides, they support other already established companies, aiming to bring their skills and professionalism to operations management, resulting in better results. Using his wealth of experience from Fresh Thinking Group, Dave advises other businesses and leaders on handling their remote teams for maximum productivity.

The transmission patterns of COVID-19 forced governments to restrict people’s movements, meaning that people had to work remotely. With remote teams handling software development, Dave Antrobus terms it a benefit instead of a drawback like many businesses perceive it. Software development is a career that does not rely on close supervision for developers to achieve results. It’s a skill that requires personal creativity and autonomy, with remote working being the best opportunity for software developers to express themselves in the software solutions that they make.

Working remotely leads to maximum productivity of software developers. Dave Antrobus asserts that software development is a task-oriented job, and developers who work away from their work environment concentrate on achieving their objective of developing a software system that meets the needs of a business and its customers. Therefore, the Fresh Thinking Group co-founder only recommends that such teams be allocated tasks that business owners and leaders use to judge their productivity.

Although remote working for software developers and other digital personnel is the current trend, managers should be proactive to minimize any issues arising from being away from the workplace. For instance, Dave Antrobus opines that not all people concentrate on their tasks without close supervision. To avoid such laxity, leaders should often organize meetings to evaluate the progress of every team member. Sometimes, people can lose productivity for being lonely, and such meetings reinstate people on track. From his technology department at Fresh Thinking Group, Dave sees it essential to monitor the productivity of employees using various online tools such as Hubstaff. Such checks and evaluations are imperative to ensure success regardless of the working conditions.