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Tom Chang MD on AI in Healthcare

Advanced Artificial intelligence Solutions is the new direction taken by technology in the world. Many sectors have employed the technique, and the health sector has not been left behind. Many health specialists have started embracing AI. One such specialist is Tom Chang MD. The specialized ophthalmologist is a well-known educator and a surgeon worldwide. He has been able to lecture in different countries, has written around fifty peer-reviewed publications, and featured in Who’s Who biographical sketch. 


In addition, Tom is the founder of the eye group ‘Acuity Eye Group’ that is based in California. Acuity Eye Group uses AI to offer a comprehensive eye examination, which takes about fifteen to twenty minutes. In addition, Tom Chang MD explains, the AI helps detect any eye problem early and all the possibilities, which increases the chance of saving an infected eye. Tom Chang MD believes that the confidence of a doctor with a diagnosis increases when he uses AI. 

Artificial intelligence blended with other machine initiatives can detect an issue faster, offer a personalized diagnosis, and give the most suitable solutions and procedure to handle the case, which saves physicians a lot of time. Using AI has improved the care given to patients in a variety of ways. These ways include, Tom Chang MD points out, analyzing data and giving the most suitable solution. In addition, physicians reduce the time taken to note exams and assist in making decisions faster by the clinicians as much data is analyzed, and the machine learning algorithms make a final decision.